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Bathrooms are for cleansing and relaxing, rejuvenation and meditation. They are supposed to be practical, yet calming, soothing and serene.

Bathrooms are the second most important room when selling your home. They are definitely important spaces and should be well thought through, planned and organized.

Ensure no clutter - places of sanitation should always be easy to clean and few things should need cleaning!

Enough towel bars or hooks are important - towels should dry completely between uses.

Near-by storage can reflect your style, such as a clay pot or crystal glass for the toothbrushes. If your storage is a problem you may want to add shelves to the ceiling and mount attractive doors in front or have them open, displaying wicker baskets. Keep your razor blades, nail clippers, medicine etc. high up, stored securely from children. Add extra shelves inside medicine cabinets to use space better or mount containers that suck with suction cups in order not to damage walls.

Great Storage Tips for Small Bathrooms - Secure metal baskets to a wall for storage. The idea is to buy the same sized, small basket containers and to space them evenly from floor to ceiling. In these you can sort all the bathroom objects according to their use, child-safety or privacy factor for instance.

A hook or two for robes - hanging next to the bath or shower for convenience.

An attractive, loose rug that can be washed regularly is great for decorating purposes and welcome during winter. Using the same tiles one the floor and walls (right to the ceiling) will make a feature of any bathroom.

A small seat such as a trunk can be used for seating and a laundry basket.

Great ventilation and plenty of natural light - bathrooms are meant to be fresh, clean and uplifting places. Window dressing should ideally be non-fabric and wipe-able.

Important! Toilet seats should always be down in-between use and never flush with an open lid. Seat/lid covers are a big NO as they are simply unhygienic.
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