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These personal spaces need the occupant's personal touch, every time. Young and old need to incorporate their own blend of needs, likes and tastes to make it their own.

Bedrooms vary by occupant. Yet, there are similarities when decorating them and all sleeping spaces need some of the same.

Start with the hard objects and decide on the best possible wall to move your bed to. Movement to and around the bed should be easy and free-flowing. It is ideal to see the door from your bed and not the toilet! Beds should NOT be pushed against the window so that the glass forms part of it's headboard.

Move objects like the television to a cupboard by simply adding an extra shelve to the hanging side. (Underneath this shelve you can still hang shirts, pants and other shorter clothing)

Decide on what you will keep so that you can choose colours for those that are changing. If for example you are keeping the curtains, choose a colour from them that you like most.

Stick to different tones of two colours. Paint your walls in the most neutral with perhaps a darker version of the colour behind your wall. Add a contrasting or complementing colour in the form of your scatter cushions, rugs and throws. Then, lastly, an accent colour can be used very sparingly. For instance:
In a room with brown and blue colours, you can add a zingy orange tassels for the room key and again in the form of an extra scatter cushion or painting.

Get as much as possible natural daylight (and air!) into your room and optimum darkness nighttimes. Plants in the bedroom are a big no as they take oxygen during the night.

The top essential of any bedroom is cleanliness, order and peace. Remember this when decorating walls (a few big pieces are better than 20 small ones), beds (which should always be made with clean linen), carpets (regularly vacuumed) and curtains (clean and well fitted).

The Main Bedroom
This most important room is where the family's happiness & success is often determined.

Your Bedroom should spoil you with...Neat calmness. Your room has to be uncluttered, fresh, neat and organized and be soothing too.

Crisp cotton sheets and bedding that feels great on your skin.

Bedside tables are for essentials and perhaps a flowered vase only. Moisturisers and nail clippers are for the bathroom!

Art can be substituted for a collection of romantic lanterns, to be used with scented candles!

Lighting should offer dim & romantic lamps for the side tables and bright fittings above the mirror.

Children's Rooms
These rooms are delightful to decorate for our shops are brimming with creative furniture and bedding and our own inner-children come out to play.

The Child's Room
always has Safety & Practical Points to Ponder:

Ensure little fingers can't get slammed, shelves can't fall out and blind cords can't be tripped over.
Sockets should have covers.
Loose rugs should be rubberised.
Windows should have NO furniture in front of them.
Ensure ladders and safety rails are fixed securely and there are no sharp corners or screws protruding.
Ask in your leading baby & toddler shop for guidance as to what they stock in the safety department.

On the practical side...
Use washable paint, fabric and furniture.
Scale toy storage to your child's size.
Avoid trends and rather invest in furniture that can grow and adapt with your child.
Add themes in the form of a scatter cushion or two and keep light fittings, furniture and other more expensive items neutral.

Boys Rooms!
Use colours form your boy's favourite superhero's outfit, such as red-and-blue from Spiderman. That way you can add one framed poster and keep the bedding etc. plain.

Paint one wall in magnetic blackboard paint and add on to this wall climbing blocks. Use appropriate spaces for pictures, photographs and other titbits your boy will love. Such as large printouts of his initials and a net to represent the spider web.

Buy large plastic crates in the room's colours and insist that all toys be stored in them - never insist that these be tidy inside!

Girls Rooms...
Girls are creative, decorative and independent. Include them when decorating. But, due to ever-changing tastes, insist that her favourite colours are only used as accent, for instance on one wall and a few scatter cushions. Pegboards are a must and can also be made of fabrics of favourite colour.

Keep bedding and window dressing in light colours like a soft dove grey which will go with most other colours.

Extra storage need to be provided for hairclips, lip-gloss and the other thousand little items. Rattan baskets are ideal, can be painted and hide a multitude of sins.

Baby's Room

Create seating cum storage options such as upholstered trunks.
Buy inexpensive cheerful loose rugs that can easily be washed and thrown over the unwanted or expensive carpet.
Add blackout to the windows and Q20 to the creaking doors.
Turn an existing chest of drawers into the changing table by adding coasters - thus getting the height right and modernizing it too.

The Guest Room
This space does not get used often if you live inland. It needs to be organised, dressed and decorated for its guests, yet be low-maintenance when it has none.

Guest Bedrooms don't get decorated often. That's why they need careful consideration to get it right for now and years to come.

Keep everything and all materials neutral, so that new looks can come and go in the form of tie backs, scatter cushions and loose rugs.

Store your personal things in a box inside these cupboards. This way you can simply pull the box out when you get guests.

Dress the bed in a made-for cover and dress it as daybed. Always wash the bedding right before new guests vs. right after.

Leave on the bedside tables a couple of books and magazines, a good reading light and a list of all your city's hot spots. Add a small vase of garden flowers, tissues and a flask of hot water, coffee, tea and cups. A nice touch is a little bowl of chocolates (or fruit) and welcoming note!
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