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Determine Your Personal Style
Before investing in any decoration determine your style. In order to do this realistically, you need to think about. Your personality; who use the space, how often and what for; how do you want to feel in this space; does it need warming or enlarging?

Some people are deliciously exotic but for others 'exotic' spell chaos and out-of-control. What are you?

Are you Urban? Well in your home less will be more with plenty of space around decorating objects. Every object is thought about and no placement by chance. You possibly have no children, or they are well trained/threatened!

Are you Exotic? Display your memorabilia of foreign holidays, create accent walls for photographs and use saris as tablecloths. You may be called a Bohemian in disguise and love all things textures, colourful and meaningful. Friends can be entertained at any time and might have to share the couch with a cat and fertility doll.

Are you Glamorous? Crystal vases will house flowers and gold will accentuate your up-to-date pad. Frame mirrors, paintings and even notice boards in ornate frames. You are host/ess to formal dinner parties and keep your caterer and dry-cleaner in business. The finer details get your full attention.

Are you Romantic? In your home we will see wicker, layers of soft tactile fabrics without any noticeable practical use and piles of books to serve as side tables. Candles are the main decoration inside and lanterns outside. You are a relaxed, loving person that wants to make your guests feel cared after and treasured. Yet, when they leave you love being alone with your soft background music, candles and book as much.

Are you Classic? Some furniture will be black lacquer with creams and whites as soft furnishing. Your space is uncluttered, non-whimsical and the layout sensible. The atmosphere is calm and perfectly balanced between masculine and feminine. Your home does not get decorated every 2 years, as it's timeless and your objects, furniture and dressing of fantastic quality.

You will also need knowledge of colour, light, texture and the positioning of furniture.

Every colour bar white comes from the primary colours blue, red and yellow.
By mixing equal amounts of 2 primary colours like red + blue together = secondary colour like violet. The other two secondary colours are green and orange.
A tertiary colour is created when you create a secondary colour with unequal parts. For example 2 parts red and 1 part yellow = reddish orange.
By mixing equal amounts of all 3 primary colours together = brown.

Hue is the 'blue' in light blue/dark blue.
When we refer to this colour's absorption or reflective properties, we speak of tone and the amount of black or white in the colour will be called value. Saturation is the term for pureness of pigmentation and boldness.

Colour is powerful in its ability to change emotions, physical and psychological make-up. Choose them carefully, keeping in mind your and your family members) own uniqueness.

Black contains all other colours and is in fact not a morbid 'dead' colour but suggests change and confidence.
Most liked by: Teenagers and Goths.
Most despised by: Their mothers.
White can be serene or strict, warm or cold - depending on what other pigments are in the white.
Most liked by: Control-lovers and professionals.
Most despised by: Goths.
Red gives energy: it can up your pulse and release adrenaline. Red is the colour of passion, romance and eagerness. It is fearless, provokes and suggests enormous power.
Most liked by: passionate, powerful & energetic people.
Most despised by: Insomniacs.
Yellow is caring, energising and mentally stimulating while it brightens the spirits.
Most liked by: spiritually intelligent people.
Most disliked by: teenagers and blondes.
Orange stimulates the brain and brightens the mood.
Most liked by: creative folk like musicians or artists.
Most despised by: Goths.
Blue encourages calm, quiet confidence. It is a peaceful colour that can also be authorities and strong.
Most liked by: honest, hardworking guys.
Most despised by: Not so honest, not so hardworking guys.
Green induces peace, serenity, self-love, nurturing and relaxation. It's a colour for growth, balance and restfulness.
Most liked by: calm nature lovers.
Most despised by: Goths.
Purple is creatively superior.
Most liked by: snobs
Most despised by: those unfortunate elderly who asked for a more natural hair colour.

Did You Know...?
Warm bright colours like reds and oranges, plus other dark colours, will without fail downsize a space. Lighter, soft colours like pale blues, sea greens and dove greys will always make spaces seem larger. Remember! Most colours dry darker on the wall.
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