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Green-Clean Tips:
Equal parts of hot water and vinegar makes an excellent environment friendly disinfectant, deodorising & degreasing solution. Floors, windows and mirrors will shine without polishing and kitchens and bathrooms will be disinfected! It is odourless once dry.

■ Firstly powder your carpets with a deodorizing carpet powder - whisk together 2 cups of baking soda & 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Sprinkle over the carpet (to be vacuumed at the end of your general cleaning).
■ Take hold of your curtain the way you would with a sheet and give it a good shake.
■ Now start dry-cleaning your surfaces first, everything from top to bottom. Dust them off and shake them out.
■ Use a broomstick covered with a sock for cleaning underneath the fridge and other heavy furniture.
■ Use an old toothbrush for cleaning around taps etc.
■ Clean spiderwebs, lightfittings and handles.
■ Now your floor is ready for vacuuming. Place some aromatherapy oil drops on a cotton wool and vacuum this up first. Go through the rest of the house while your air gets refreshed at the same time.
■ Get your water/vinegar/sponge - start with the fridge and clean from inside to outside, then wipe countertops and cupboards off and give the stove attention too. Always clean the bathroom last with it's own cloths, sponges and brushes.
■ When cleaning cupboards and shelves, start at the top working down. End with a wipe over doors, cupboards and walls.
■ Using your hot water/vinegar/mix wipe windows and mirrors for a quick smear-free cleaning. Also pay attention to computer keyboards (very dry sponge) and the mouse. Clean the handset of your phone and also, importantly, the television remote.
■ Use boiling hot water/vinegar for your floors and start with the kitchen first while ending with the bathrooms.
■ Open curtains, windows and doors for fresh, natural energy.
■ End off by putting two drops of lavender oil on each bedside nightshade - this will help you sleep like a baby tonight.
What is your personal decorating style?


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