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The Home Office
We are working from home because it is convenient, gives us more family time and costs less. Consider your personal and business needs carefully for planning here is very important.

Setting Up your Home Office

The first thing we think about when contemplating working from home is where the office will be. The following questions might guide you:

How long/often will you be in the office. If it is full-time, you will have to ensure functionality and comfort.

How much traffic will walk through your office and do you need an entrance to the parking area?

You may need extra furniture, catering needs and privacy from your family and street life.

Your desk need to suit your type of work and should fit into the room easily with enough walking, sitting and storage space. Consider the position of telephone lines.

Is ventilation adequate?

Perfect Unused spaces for a Home Office:

Attics, basements and large unused walk-in cupboards.
Cupboards can be turned into a work stations by adding a desk-surface which can pull in/out like a drawer. Remember to add ventilation holes if you intend putting a computer there.
Unused space under the stairs often proves ideal for a desk.

Great Idea A budget-friendly DIY Notice board
Create a decorative notice board with hardboard painted with magnetic paint and framed with an ornamental frame. Buy a 2-pack of modern uniform magnets for a professional look, for a decorative and useful touch.

Clean the green way

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