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The Kitchen
The heart of your home, a kitchen sells a home and it is where meals & nourishment are thought about. Where energy is restored and families talk about their days. It should thus be inspiring, reflective of the habitant's personalities and needs and also attractive to the public in case you ever want to sell.

Kitchens are nowadays often open plan spaces that serve as office, homework station and meeting grounds for the home family. Therefore they could very well turn into the most used space of your home.

When a new kitchen is not an option, bringing in architectural elements like crown mouldings, modern fixtures, handles and hardware, new appliances and light fittings can do wonders.

Wood finishes can be mixed and texture differences can be played with. We often see cherry wood in contemporary decor and this can be mixed with sanded/polished sculptural tree roots to serve as railing for your utensils.

Counter tops are supposed to be practical, attractive and super easily cleaned. Excellent materials include slate, marble slabs, granite and cement for a contemporary kitchen. Consider hidden lighting above all counter tops, where possible.

Cupboards can showcase attractive china via glass doors and other less-attractive crockery and for instance washing machines, dishwasher etc. can be hidden behind the same carpentry-material to give your kitchen a neat uniform look.

Consider drawers when thinking about storage. Deep and shallow - planned for all you need to store. Think about your cupboard's corners and how you can use that more effectively, such as roll-out shelving.

The flooring must of course be easily cleaned such as tiles with perhaps an easy-to-wash loose rug for warmth. Tie your kitchen colours together by perhaps creating a splash back of the same tiling.

Lighting needs to be good AND attractive. Consider the style of your kitchen when deciding on lighting and ask for advice.

Windows should be dressed with a durable alternative such as blinds. They should be easy to reach, clean and open.
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