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Living Rooms
This is where you kick off your shoes, with friends and family, or alone. These spaces should be satisfying aesthetically and also serve your leisure requirements. You need to get this space right!

When decorating a lounge, living room, family room or whatever you call it, always first find a focal point such as a large window or French doors and plan the furniture around it. For an intimate grouping, furniture can be moved away from the walls.
Televisions should never be a focal point but that's easier said than done. Store yours in a cabinet or stand it on an attractive stand where wires are hidden and everything has its place. Paint the wall behind it in a stronger colour or use textured wallpaper for impact that doesn't compete with the television.
Traffic from one entrance to the next should be free-flowing, coffee tables easily reached by arm length and televisions conveniently visible. Place chairs close enough to encourage conversation with ample legroom.
Serene Spaces and small children are nowadays mixable with washable covers - so if your living room is also family room, keep in mind how washable all covers, rugs and other soft furnishings need be.
Repeat the fabric (or colour) of your curtains in scatter cushions or the colour in your rugs. If you aim for wooden blinds make sure to use the same wood for your furniture.
Plants are ideal for living rooms and they should range from one or two large potted trees to small coffee table specimens like an orchid perhaps. Fresh flowers cheer any space up and a single stem is often enough.
This is the ideal place for exhibiting family photographs, objects of travels and books of your passions. Keep groupings together and exhibit objects by their purpose perhaps, what they are made of or simply their aesthetic value. Pack half away and swap objects by season. Use glass vases during summer and clay pots during winter for instance.
Lighting needs are varied and different levels of lighting should be provided, from reading lamps, floor lamps and bright ceiling lights.
Tips for decorating small living rooms:
Smooth wall finishes, light colours, mirrors and glass reflect light and thus give the illusion of space. Light floors and ceilings also enhance space.

Opt for 2 smaller couches and a glass-topped coffee table in-between instead of more furniture pieces.

Large furniture pieces should go against the longest wall with focal points easily visible and exits conveniently accessible.

In small spaces, clutter is simply not an option. Get organised. Keep in mind that fabric pattern and ornaments can also clutter a space. Keep ornamental displays small and very selective. Patterned fabric should be limited to scatter cushions, small rugs and throws only.

Rough wall textures soak up light and smooth walls reflects - keep this in mind when you place floor lamps etc.

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